Why Students should invest money ?

Mostly students get money from relatives or via pocket money and it could be a small amount. But almost all students spend it on parties and buying other stuff. Some students save it for their plans like investing or buying things that will help them grow. Investing money and building your portfolio can really help you in long term.

How to Earn and Save money :

Start doing freelancing via Freelancer.com, fiverr.com and internships via Internshala. There is a process which you all need to follow, otherwise you are going lose your money and would not get anything in the long term.

To Earn money from these websites, you should have skills to do work for others and earn money. So first go for skills, then build something using your skills and then take projects from others. Then invest your earned money in places that will give you high returns in the long term and will give you experience.

How I Started :

Its been almost 1 year, when I started investing but lose my money because of the lack of experience and knowledge about investing. It was a very small amount but we do not have any other income source so we find it big amount. After that I started learning about Investments, explored internet to find what exactly it is and how we also can make profits from it. I am not 18 yet, so I couldn't invest in stocks directly. So I started investing in the name of my grandmother. Currently I am investing in three-four different places. I invest the money, I get for doing Freelance projects.

Where to Invest Money :

I have been using these three apps to invest in the stock market and in Cryptocurrencies. You can also go with them. If you need more knowledge, ask me directly via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

  1. Groww

  2. Zebpay

  3. CoinSwitch

If you want to know, where you should invest, how much money you should invest, when to buy and Sell. Join the Student Zone Community for free.

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