Why skills are more important than degrees ?

During this pandemic millions of people lost their jobs. Do you know why ? There are many reasons for that but one of the main reason was the lack of skills. A degree will just help you in getting a job but skill will help you to grow in life.

The degree may land you a high-paying job but skills will lead you to specialization. Degree could be the first choice today as well but this pandemic has changed everything. The process, style and the way employees used to get hired has been changed in this 1 year. So you also need to change. You need to have multiple skills to be able to meet the employers requirement.

Here are the tweets of some amazing peoples about skill and degrees.


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What Exactly Skill is ?

Everything within you that amaze people and make them wonder is the powerful skill that you have. Keep practicing that skill and it will lead you to perfection and will make you unique from the crowd.

As much early you will realize it that, you have to learn skills on your own and they are the only weapon(whether it is your communication skills, negotiation skills or technical skills) that will give you competitive advantage, it will be better for you. Get many more skills.

Break the Pattern

There is a pattern built by the society and most of the people follow it but to be different from the crowd you need to break it and get out of the trap. Most people will suggest tell you that without degree, your life will become worst and just waste but it is something different. Without any skill your life will become boring and you won't be able to do thing even after will. So learn skills and build whatever you dream.

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