Why Rural Areas are not Progressing in India yet ?

Hello, Namaskar Everyone, Today I am going to share 4 reasons why our rural Areas are not progressing yet. Share this post with at least 5 people and take actions in your village, if you really care about these problems .

1. Less participation of women (almost in everything).

Women do not participate in any of the important things happen in villages. They are given chance to make decision on the village issues. Mostly women do not even come to take part in meetings. Women Entrepreneurship is very less in villages.

Solution - Promote women participation, entrepreneurship.

2. Not Adapting new technologies.

People do not accept new technologies which are likely to disrupt the market. They even doesn't consider adapting new popular technology.

Solution - Adapt new technology with different methods and modes.

3. Lack of Innovative Ideas from youth.

Most of the youths from Rural areas choose to get a job in Urban areas and settle there and no one choose to create an impact in their villages.

Solution - Think Ideas about improving the condition of your villages. Discuss Ideas with other young folks to create an impact.

4. Adults not supporting to young folks with innovative ideas.

Adults does not support young folks who bring innovative ideas to create an impact in their villages and give them the reason of their age( Beta abhi tum bahut chhote ho).

Solution - Tell them the benefits of whatever you are doing. How your idea/product is going to change the village.