Why and for what most of the students regret ?

I have seen many students who tells their friends that if I had done this, today I would be here or there. Have you seen peoples like this ? Well Let me tell you why this happen with most of the students.

When students are in their school or college level, they doesn't take anything seriously, whether it is learnings or life. They doesn't even think about the circumstances they will face because of not taking anything seriously. Some people(students) spend this time in side hustle and getting skills, experience, exploring the world/peoples and learn. But mostly spend that same time in sharing memes ( Well I am not against the peoples who have build their own audience their, but to those, who just do it for fun), criticizing others etc.

People who spent their time in learning and getting experience find it easy to get a job or start their business and live a life better than those who wasted their time during college/school. If you are one of the student who is still not serious about life, please don't do that.

What is that thing, students regret for ?

They regret for the time they could have spent in learning skills, experience and exploring the world but they didn't. They regret for not taking anything seriously and they regret for not thinking about their life. They regret for not building networks, they even regret for enjoying life (which is absolutely wrong). They find it very hard to get a job, then they start blaming everything (they did) for the problem.

But students who spent time in learning doesn't regret for enjoying life because they did it while enjoying. So please learn while enjoying because your learnings will give you the job or whatever you want not your enjoyment.

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