What is that mistake most of the students make after 12th ?

Have you seen people who struggle after completing their graduation & find it hard to get a job ? If yes then it is because they made some mistakes after school (in making decisions) and during college (because of non-seriousness). If No then it is because they had clarity in their mind, what exactly they want and where they want to reach. In this blog you will get to know if you are right or making mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes.

The Mistake most of the people make after completing their 12th is - They opt for a degree, not for a skill - Dheeraj Mehra

At current time Skills are more important than degrees. Most of the students are still not implementing it in their lives. If you have skills, you will find it easy to get a job and it would be hard for you to apply for a job and get a job if you only have a degree but not any skill.

So if you still give more preference to degrees over skills, than you are in the wrong directing and you should change it. If you are keen to learn more skills and doesn't give a fuck to degrees, surely you are in the right direction.

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