What business we can start with programming languages

Hey guys, First of all I want to tell you that the time which is coming is all about automation. So you need to learn more and more about technology. Because nobody can make his/her life smart without technology.

So there is the more need of technical experience in tech companies. And now tech companies are coving the whole market. So lets talk what businesses you can start with the help of programming languages.

1. Web Designing Company

2. Web Development

3. Institute

4. Automation in existing business.

So know you are saying what you are saying because is no relation between programming languages to web designing Company.

1. So friends, if you know web designing then you can hire 5-10 persons who know web designing and then you can take contacts from people who want to design their website and start your business.

2. If you know web development then follow same process.

3. If you know both web development, web designing combine both processes 1st and 2nd and start your institute.

4. If you are running a existing business for ex- plumber then you can create your website and app to expend you business.

Easy hmmm !!!!!

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