Stubazaar - A brand I launched during lockdown

Stubazaar is a brand I launched during the lockdown. I was planning it to launch during march to generate more sales but because of the company registration process it took me more time to launch it. I felt this problem in my village where all the students sell their previous class books in scrap to earn some money and get a return of their investment in books. But the amount they get is very small. Even I sold my books in scrap to earn some money but in Chandigarh when I was studying in class 12th, I thought of launching it and I did it. I launched stubazaar in Chandigarh during the month of July. Today StuMart Private Limited would not be a real entity if my father hadn't helped me. I am really grateful for their help and support. My elder brother Pramod who is currently the director of our company is also a reason behind the existence of our company. A big thanks to him.

Today on the occasion of our 72th Republic day, Me and my all teammates including Nikita ( my co-founder ), Raina, Anchal, kumkum, Neha, we are launching stubazaar here in our own city Someshwar. It will help all the students out there who buy new books for high prices and sell them in scrap after completing their class. Why not to buy old books from other students at very low cost and resell them after 1 year ? We think it will be the best saving, investment by the students.

I can say with guarantee that if you will use our service, you are never going to regret and it will give you the best lesson of saving and investing.

Here is the Link to Stubazaar: