Role of youth in growth of IT sector

Today we all know about the growth of technology in our country as well as in world. Government as well as entrepreneurs are trying to transform the country to a digitalized era. And there is an important role of youth in growth of IT sector. Let's know how youth can contribute, support IT in our country.

Explain the benefits of technology

Today, youth are more active on social media. According to many surveys, it is reported that 70% of the youth spend 55% of their time in using social media. So today social media platforms are a big advantage from where youth can aware peoples about the technology. Today, youth are representing themselves as an influencer. So youth can explain the benefits and careers in technology.

Suggest your Juniors to learn Programming languages

Today, most of the students take advice from their seniors. There are more chances that junior will follow what his senior advised him. Seniors can advice/suggest them to learn programming languages or coding or get into the field of technology. So that he make problem solving product by using his/her programming skills.

Build technology startup

Youth should focus on the technology startup or business if he want to do something of his. Because it will generate more employment and support the technology in country, help in growth of technology.

Video games

Today's youth are very crazy behind video games. Youth can also build their own video games. So by exploring more and more digital games, youth will understand the concept behind that and may be he will try to build his own game with technology and this will support to the growth of technology.

Run IT related programs

Youth can run technology programs, and encourage peoples to join and know the pros of technology. Youth can explain the importance of technology by showing some examples to the peoples, how using technology they have transformed their lives and helped the country in its technology growth.

At last I would say " youth have the power to change the world and help in growth of any sector "

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