Kamal - a chutiya friend for all of us

Happy Birthday Kamal (Fauji) from all of us to you. May you the get the every fucking good thing you want in your life. Today 8th Jan will be one of the best memories with you if you will give us special party, otherwise ( bhaag bsdk 😡😡).

Something about Kamal :

Kamal our beloved fauji chutiya (specially mine) is a person who make everything fucked up with his ideas and make the situation worse. A very funny, with big ass and laughing guy who always make us laugh even in the serious situation. A person who thinks he has a melody voice and always try to sing in front of me, i would just say (bhai bhaut chutiya gaata hai).

A person who himself say is not good at small-talk, once upon a time tried to talk to a girl and directly said "hmara youtube pe channel hai kyap, usko subscribe kardo". Oh bhai maaro mujhe. Ye koi tarika hai kya ladki se baat karne ka (bikul chutiya aadmi hai bhai).

Some Pictures of Kamal :