How to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies ?

One year ago the price of bitcoin was $12,000 (₹ 8, 710, 92) and now it $ 47, 000(₹ 35, 00, 000) and the craze of bitcoin is going on. Many high personalities have also bought bitcoin and even Tesla, Mastercard, Visa and Twitter and many other multinational companies are heading towards it. If you are not buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you are missing something and it is wealth generation.

I invested for the first time in bitcoin in December and after making increase of 1 rupee in my investment I sold it. Then I thought about investing in other cryptocurrencies as well. Within 2 months I got 3x returns on my investments. I went crazy and invested heavily.

Me and my friend Naman Launched and now helping other peoples like you to invest in crypto and generate wealth. Crypto can help you generate wealth in the long term as well as in short term but I prefer long term because I believe in the blockchain technology and I think it will be in mainstream by 2027. So if you don't want to take risk and want someone experienced to invest on your money, we can help you. Visit - and directly contact the team about any investment queries. Total investments we have made is around 60k rupees and actively investing.

If you want to invest on your own, here is the step by step guide :

  1. Download a cryptocurrency trading app. (Coinswitch Kuber, CoinDCX, WazirX, Zebpay)

  2. Complete your KYC. (PAN verification, Bank Details, Face recognition, Aadhar)

  3. Congrats now you are ready to invest.

I use CoinSwitch because it beginner friendly and very easy to use.

Happy Investing !

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