How to get Work From Home internships during College ?

During this pandemic most of the people lost their jobs and many of them started their own businesses. And on the other side most of the companies allowed their employees to do work from home. It was the opportunity for the introvert peoples to do work from their home and earn a stipend.

Many students used this time to upgrade themselves and learnt so many skills and got experience by doing work from home internships. But many of them were busy in playing games, sharing memes and just wasted their time. But now the time and the working style has been completely changed because of the Lockdown. Now it is the opportunity for students like you, who wants to, earn pocket money and get some experience.

From Where to Find Internships :

There are a lot of websites from where you can get internships. But the best website for getting internships and that I recommend to all of you is Internshala. It is best because it just not help you in finding jobs, internships but it also provides you the skills, trainings to get a job.

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Just create your resume there and list your skills, your strengths and your project and other stuff. And Internshala will recommend you the internships based on your interest and will also guide you through the process.

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