How students can invest money in stock market without much knowledge ?

After the recent web series Scam 1992 which was based on the life of that time Big Bull Harshad Mehta, who found the loophole in the system and misused it to make big profits from the share market, the hype of trading and stock investing among students have increased tremendously. Many more students also want to invest their money in stock market and want to make big profits.

But almost students does not have more knowledge about stock market and they fear about losing their all money, which is relatable. So Let's know how you can do stock investing without knowing much and without losing your money.

If you have money something around 10k or even less than 1k, you should choose large cap companies. Large cap means the companies those have the market capitalization of over $10 billion. Because you are at young age, so in my opinion you should invest for long term and by the way large cap companies gives return in long term. You can buy the stocks of PNB, Bank of Baroda, ONGC, ITC etc. The share price of these companies is low so you can buy 30-40 shares of PNB with 1k rupees.

What exactly long term is ?

It means that you have to invest your money in any good company, you believe in and forget about that for a specific period of time. Let say 1 year and than check again your portfolio, how much profit you have generated. In simple terms "Holding shares of a company for long period of time".

So invest in the long term and enjoy the high returns. If you want to invest in short term, i would suggest invest in the cryptocurrency. If you want to know how to invest in the cryptocurrency, go to footer and enter your mail. Whenever I will write about crypto, you will get a mail regarding that. So Let's grow together.

Have a great day.