How I Earned 500$ within 2 months from home?

Earning 500$ in 2 months isn't a big deal but when you are young and hails from a rural area, do not have many resources and connections to get work from and earn, it becomes hard. It was my curiosity as well as greed, I started doing freelancing.

Freelancing Career:

I got my project in September 2020 and made 40$ for the first time on the internet. After then I didn't get any project till May. The first dollar I made from the freelancing platform ( And when I was not getting projects, I searched for other freelancing platforms and found Fiverr. It's been amazing since then. I have been getting projects continuously and delivering results more than expected.

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In May, I got a message from one of my best and long term client and she asked me about the skills and services I offer. She referred her brother to me and I created a website for $100 and he was so happy with it. Then after he referred his cousin to me and I created a website for his company with the whopping price of $289.

The reason I have got referrals is my communication skills, behaviour and manners. It's really really important to have these skills in life if you want to go into a freelancing career.

Two days ago I completed the project of my mam because of whom I got all the projects and earned this much amount. Now I am working closely with her and we both are making growth.

The project cost was $299.

So that's the journey of how I earned 500$ within two months. The simple way of earning money is giving and proving value to the person you are working for or working with. I believe that "My client's success will be my success". Whenever I talk with my clients, they feel connected with me and we learn a lot from each other.

Thanks for reading this.

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