How do I invest in the stock market and make profits?

There are many people who invest in the stock market and are experts in this field who can tell you how to invest and make profits easily. But you are young as I am and we lack money which is the most important factor for investing. So I will tell you how to invest with minimum money and make profits.

Let's see how we can invest in the share market directly or indirectly.

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Mutual Funds :

Mutual funds are the indirect way of investment in the stock market because you don't have to buy the company's shares directly from the secondary market. There are many mutual funds whose SIP starts with 100₹ per month. You have to research about the different-different AMCs.

Things to look at before selecting a mutual fund

  1. Exit Load

  2. Fund Manager

  3. Assets Under Management - if it's high, your growth can be less or slow.

  4. Plan - Direct

  5. Fund Type - Growth

Directly investing in the Stocks :

It's the direct way of investment in the stock market and you have to buy or sell shares of any company from the secondary market. It's not like mutual funds, in this way of investment you need to do research about the company's fundamentals and stay notified about the company policies. Any bad decision by the management of the company can cost lose all your money if you won't stay updated about the company's news.

How to invest via mutual funds or directly -

There are many brokers available in India like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox etc. You can simply download their apps and complete the KYC and after completing your KYC, you will be able to invest in mutual funds as well as stocks.

I recommend you to use Zerodha.

Do your own research before investing in the stock market or mutual funds.

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Secondary Market - where you buy and sell the company's shares peer to peer. 
SIP- Systematic Investment Plan
AMC- Asset Management Company